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Giants Players "Dont Like Each Other"

I am speaking for the behalf of all Giants fans, we suck. 

The offense looks out of sync and lost.  Eli is going back to his old turnover habits and the rushing attack is miserable.  The team is walking around the sidelines with their heads down, while the captains of the team -Justin Tuck- is sitting on the bench. 

Where is the leadership? Where is the fight?

This is not the Giants football team I am accustomed to.  The team is not playing as one, and it seems Tom Coughlin has lost his players.  They're three signs a team is ready for change:

1. The Head Coach loses the team/players

2. QB change

3 No leadership/commitment

All three of these signs cannot be measured by statistics on paper.  The Giants struggles are way deeper than that.  The players have stopped playing and it showed in the 4th quarter of this Sundays beat down in KC.  The Chiefs outscored the Giants 21 points in the last 15 minutes. 

Giants legend, Carl Lewis, is very close to the team.  On his radio show last week he made it clear the players of the Giants do not get along and are holding each accountable.  "They don't like each other."

With all the sorrow, and down-side this team faces they can still come together and make the playoffs.  At 0-4 they're still only 2 games out of first place in the miserable NFC East.  The winner of this division may finish 8-8.  The season all falls on this Sunday vs. the Eagles.  If the Giants can come out with their first victory against Philly they can turn this all around.  But, if the Eagles win and the Giants are 0-5 its time to throw away the season.

If that happens it's time for change.  Tom Coughlin is not getting any younger, and his players are giving up on him.  What he did for the Giants will never be forgotten, but I don't see another way for this team to come together. 

Nicks to Lions?

NY Giants wide-receiver Hakeem Nicks may become the next Detroit Lion.  According to sources, the Lions-Giants are rumored to be in discussion to make a trade.  The most common rumor that has swirled around the mill is RB, and former first-round pick Mikel Leshoure and a high draft pick for Nicks. That would make the most sense for both teams.

Nicks is a free agent in 2014.  The Giants just tied up 5 years, 43 million in Victor Cruz and Nicks will most likely ask for around the same amount.  Big blue does not have the money to spend on Nicks, Eli's contract tied up WAY too much money.  So, it would make sense for the Giants to get some value for Nicks if he is going to test free agency anyway.

These rumors are coming out at a timely time.  Nicks was very unhappy after having limited targets last game.  He voiced his frustration to the media after, "I can't throw myself the ball," said Nicks.  Under Tom Coughlin, you do not speak out like that.  I'm sure he heard an ear-full for that comment.

The young and talented WR looks effortless and sick of being a Giant.


Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson, 11-year veteran and locker room leader, will miss a significant portion of time this season after breaking two bones in his forearm. He was driving home on Westbound I-696 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, from a team hangout Tuesday morning when, distracted by a box of pizza from off the passenger seat, he crashed his GMC. 

He is out indefinitely.

Imagine the Lions offense with Nicks, Megatron, and Reggie Bush.  They instantly become a contender in the NFC.  Nicks has never played to his full potential.  He had battled through injuries his whole career but at times has shown flashes of greatness.  He has the skills to be one of the top WR's in the NFL.

This trade may not make Giants fans happy at the moment but they have to do it.  The Giants are desperate for a running back and the Nicks-Cruz combo has not worked this season.  They are 0-3 and it seems to be getting worse for the G-Men. 

Pay attention to this, in the upcoming days Nicks may be on the move.

NY Giants Breakdown

Big Blue is a BIG mess.

In one of the biggest surprises this season, the Carolina Panthers demolished the New York Giants 38-0 yesterday.  The Giants are now 0-3 for the first time under Tom Coughlin.  The 38 point loss was also the worst loss for Tom Coughlin in his Giants coaching career. 

What is wrong with the G-Men??

For starters, they have no running gain.  David Wilson is just too small to be a starting running back.  When a defender grabs his arm it shifts his whole body, that makes it way too easy for defenses to not only stop Wilson, but to create a fumble.  So, what do the Giants do?

They go out and sign Brandon Jacobs.  Giants fans remember this guy.  He is a 280 pound back that thinks he can juke like Reggie Bush.  He does not understand the concept of getting low and hitting the hole.  This was the reason the Giants cut him two years ago in the first place, so why the hell re-sign him!?!? The over-aged and over-rated running back is not the answer.  I was really hoping to see the Giants pick up Mcgahee or Turner.  But of course they bring back a guy who can't control his temper and is getting slower by the second.  Good move.

It gets even worse for the Giants.  After yesterdays meltdown the entire league knows how bad their offensive line is.  Eli Manning was sacked 7 times and 4 were in the first 10 plays of the game.  If you blitz Eli, you will get there.  Wilson can't pick up the blocks and Hynoski has been battling through injuries and looks to be a entirely different fullback. 

The Giants identity has always been a good running game, and defense line.  Now, that is their two biggest weaknesses.  JPP and Tuck look terrible.  These two former pro-bowls would bring a double team every down.  Now, they cant beat a one-on-one.  At times they look effortless and tired.  You can blame it on injuries all you want, the truth is something needs to be done or you will see Justin Tuck jobless soon enough.


At 0-3 is it time to scratch the season off?

It is sad to say, but even at 0-3 the Giants have a chance at winning the NFC East.  The division is turning into one of the worst in the league.  When the Cowboys are favorited to win, you know something is going wrong...

If the Giants can get some momentum and their offense-defensive lines can figure it out they still have a shot to turn this season around.  There is way too much talent on this team to be playing like this.  I mean come on, Hakeem Nicks had 0 catches, and Eli was the teams leading rusher Sunday, is that a joke.