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MJ Speaks Out About Lebron

When Michael Jordan speaks, we listen.

On a recent interview MJ claims the NBA was much more physical back when he played.  He played O.J Mayo one-on-one this summer and "schooled" him.  At age 50 MJ took down one of the more athletic players the league has to offer. 

Jordan took the interview to a controversial level when LeBron James' name was mentioned.  He said he would beat James one-on-one if he played him during his prime.  Then, he says he does not know if he could beat Kobe. 

I don't agree.

 I am not going to argue who is the better player.  The topic of "who the best player in NBA history" always comes up but it's an impossible argument.  Generations change, players change, and the game changes.  Yet, MJ saying he would beat LeBron and not Kobe is not just reckless, it's arrogant. 

LeBron James plays the best defense in the league.  He is stronger, faster, and a better defender than Kobe.  I am not knocking Kobe at all, don't get that confused.  He is one of the purest scorers to play the game, but I can't see him locking down MJ like LeBron would. 

Michael will always be one of my favorite players of all-time, but it seems like he says things just for the reaction.  Almost every few months we hear MJ saying how to guard LeBron, or he can beat him one-on-one. 

Just stop MJ; you are clearly one of the greats, no need to stir things up for the media attention.

 Instead it's time to worry about your Bobcats Mike.