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Giants Players "Dont Like Each Other"

I am speaking for the behalf of all Giants fans, we suck. 

The offense looks out of sync and lost.  Eli is going back to his old turnover habits and the rushing attack is miserable.  The team is walking around the sidelines with their heads down, while the captains of the team -Justin Tuck- is sitting on the bench. 

Where is the leadership? Where is the fight?

This is not the Giants football team I am accustomed to.  The team is not playing as one, and it seems Tom Coughlin has lost his players.  They're three signs a team is ready for change:

1. The Head Coach loses the team/players

2. QB change

3 No leadership/commitment

All three of these signs cannot be measured by statistics on paper.  The Giants struggles are way deeper than that.  The players have stopped playing and it showed in the 4th quarter of this Sundays beat down in KC.  The Chiefs outscored the Giants 21 points in the last 15 minutes. 

Giants legend, Carl Lewis, is very close to the team.  On his radio show last week he made it clear the players of the Giants do not get along and are holding each accountable.  "They don't like each other."

With all the sorrow, and down-side this team faces they can still come together and make the playoffs.  At 0-4 they're still only 2 games out of first place in the miserable NFC East.  The winner of this division may finish 8-8.  The season all falls on this Sunday vs. the Eagles.  If the Giants can come out with their first victory against Philly they can turn this all around.  But, if the Eagles win and the Giants are 0-5 its time to throw away the season.

If that happens it's time for change.  Tom Coughlin is not getting any younger, and his players are giving up on him.  What he did for the Giants will never be forgotten, but I don't see another way for this team to come together.